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craft classes

all craft classes are available on Skillshare or you can purchase them individually here. you can now also sign up to a monthly membership through Patreon to access all craft classes as they come out. learn more below!

watercolour & embroidery

as requested, learn to combine watercolour with embroidery to create a beautiful abstract floral piece. watercolour does not work at all the same way on fabric that it does on paper. let me show you how to adapt your supplies to a different surface!

april showers

Use a combination of embroidery and watercolour to make this cute "April showers" bear. You'll learn how to use basic embroidery stitches as well as specific watercolour techniques to use on fabric. I'll also show you how to turn a bit of scrap plastic into a unique patterned umbrella for your bear. Whether you have lots of experience with watercolour and embroidery or none at all, you'll be able to create your own sweet spring art.

summer florals

Summer Florals was the very first embroidery kit that I released in the early days of Through Rain or Shine. Time and again it has proven to be a favourite style, so I have finally made an instructional video to go along with it.

This is the perfect way to get my direct instruction, including all of my best tips and advice to make embroidery accessible and easy to learn.

plant shelf

a Skillshare favourite! this embroidery pattern is a great intro to different types of stitches, and creates such a cute little piece of art.

this class includes all the instruction you need to finish this piece. it's perfect for beginners!!

mosaic earrings

easily learn how to make your own triangle mosaic earrings with polymer clay! I've been having such a fun time making these clay earrings, so of course I'm sharing my process with you.

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mosaic earrings
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