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summer florals

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In this class you will learn how to stitch my Summer Florals pattern from start to finish, no prior knowledge necessary. Summer Florals was the very first embroidery kit that I released in the early days of Through Rain or Shine. Time and again it has proven to be a favourite style, so I have finally made an instructional video to go along with it.

This is the perfect way to get my direct instruction, including all of my best tips and advice to make embroidery accessible and easy to learn. We'll be learning how to transfer a pattern and prep a hoop, how to stitch leaves, stems, French knots, and my favourite fluffy roses. I'll also show you how to quickly and easily finish your hoop for display. These are all great skills to have for any embroidery piece. Let's get stitching!

For this project we'll be going over the following skills and stitches:

  • transferring a pattern from paper to fabric

  • framing your fabric in a hoop

  • separating your thread

  • stitching narrow, delicate leaves

  • creating French knots

  • using split stitch for stems

  • creating a strong base for roses

  • weaving extra fluffy roses

  • finishing off your hoop

supplies you'll need:

  • copy of pattern (4", 5", or 6")

  • embroidery hoop in your desired size (4", 5" or 6")

  • fabric square large enough for your hoop (about 1.5" larger than the hoops dimension on all sides)

  • needle (most would work, sharp is best, I give out size 5 in my kits)

  • optional but recommended: curved needle (aka a bookbinding needle)

  • scissors

  • thread colours of your choosing. Feel free to get creative! My go to colours for this pattern are:

    • BLUE

      • 3865

      • 927

      • 3787

      • 642

      • 838

    • PINK

      • 712

      • 3773

      • 3011

      • 523

      • 839

  • and just a little bit of patience!

By the time you're finished with this class, you'll have a beautiful floral hoop that you can be proud of. Upload it to the class project gallery to share it with myself and others! I can't wait to see your work.

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