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watercolour & embroidery
- abstract florals -

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Learn to combine watercolour on fabric with embroidery to create unique abstract art! It can be tricky - painting on fabric isn't at all the same as painting on paper. It took me a long time to figure out how to make it look the way I wanted it to, so of course I'm sharing this method with you now.

You'll learn how to adapt watercolors to the absorbency of fabric, how to build layers to create depth and interest, and how to embroider simple florals to make your abstract painting pop.

All ages welcome! This is an easy, fun project, regardless of if you have lots of experience with one or both medium, or none at all! Let's go through how to create this unique art step by step.


  • embroidery hoop (printouts in 4", 5", 6")

  • embroidery thread (I am using DMC 844)

  • needle (I'm using size 5 embroidery needle)

  • fabric (many types would work. I am using the same white cotton I normally use for embroidery.)

  • watercolors in your desired colour (I am using Wndsor & Newton and Staedler. Use whatever you have! Gouache would likely work well.)

  • paint palette 

  • container with water (a cleaned out food container, from cream cheese or something similar, works well as a container - and you can use the lid for the palette!)

  • medium paint brush

  • scrap paper and fabric to test watercolor

  • printout for flower if desired


As always, if you have any questions or feedback for me, I'm happy to help! You can contact me at or find me on Instagram @through.rain.or.shine. And you can stay up to date on future craft classes by signing up to our mailing list at Happy crafting!

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