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april showers
- watercolour & embroidery -

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Use a combination of embroidery and watercolour to make this cute "April showers" bear. You'll learn how to use basic embroidery stitches as well as specific watercolour techniques to use on fabric. I'll also show you how to turn a bit of scrap plastic into a unique patterned umbrella for your bear. Whether you have lots of experience with watercolour and embroidery or none at all, you'll be able to create your own sweet spring art.


  • embroidery hoop

  • fabric (I am using white cotton)

  • needle (I am using size 5 DMC - anything sharp will be fine)

  • watercolours & small paint brush

    • blue(s)

    • brown (optional)

  • small container with water

  • plastic that would be going to waste (optional)

Untitled design_edited.png
Untitled design_edited.png
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