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mosaic earrings

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this is my first time teaching a non-embroidery class. I personally love to create with more than just embroidery, and I know lots of you do as well. and why can't we? let's create these mosaic tile earrings together. you can make cute, unique, lightweight earrings for yourself or to gift to a friend.


in this craft class you'll learn how to make your own mosaic tile earrings! we'll go over the basics of mixing colours, rolling out, cutting, & baking polymer clay to create these unique mosaic earrings.

​needed supplies:

  • polymer clay in your chosen colours - I am using mostly FIMO brand.

    • you'll need 1/4-1/2 of a small package for the base and a small ball of 3 different colours

  • earring posts (available on Amazon or in most craft stores)

  • tools:

    • something to roll with and/or a pasta maker (note that you cannot use the same pasta maker for food and for clay).

    • something to cut clay with (polymer clay cutters, play dough tools, a knife/exacto knife etc.)

    • scissors

  • parchment paper or ceramic tile

  • optional: sandpaper in multiple fine grits

  • optional but recommended: liquid clay

please contact with any craft class questions.

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