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top 5 tips to start learning embroidery

1. get a pattern or a kit

in my opinion, a kit is the best way to try your hand at embroidery without having to commit to too many supplies. my kits come with everything you need to make one finished hoop: thread, needle, fabric, hoop (some even come with specific instructions)

If you can't afford a kit or don't want to wait for it to ship, buying a pattern is a great way to learn embroidery without having to make your own design. There are a few available in my shop right now - but lots more are coming in the next few months! You can also find tons of patterns on Etsy and great free ones on DMC's website.

2. get some good supplies - they're not expensive

when learning embroidery, like anything else, the supplies can make all the difference between falling in love with a new craft or getting frustrated and thinking you're "just not good at it". quality thread, needles, and especially hoops are important to have from the start for a good embroidery experience. You can see the list of my favourite supplies here. You can usually get everything you need to start for under $20 from your local craft store!

3. just learn a few stitches at first - don't get overwhelmed

learning something new can be overwhelming - especially something that has so many options and different stitches available. I would advise learning a few basic stitches for your first hoops, and learning more as you go! If you accidentally "invent" a stitch that's great! satin stitch, split stitch, and woven wheel rose are some great versatile first stitches to learn.

4. don't be afraid to look things up, but don't be afraid not to listen

no one knows everything when they try something new. Look things up if you need to! There are lots of great resources available for learning embroidery. BUT that doesn't mean that these techniques and resources are the only way you can do things. Embroidery is all about experimenting and personal preference, so if you've found a way you like better, use it! You are your own embroidery artist. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm here to help you learn!

5. just start!

try not to get too hung up on choosing the perfect pattern or learning all the right stitches. don't be afraid that it won't turn out as well as you'd like it to or that you won't be as good as what you see others making. practice makes perfect, and your art will be special because YOU MADE IT. just take that first step and give it a try! you'll be so glad you did.


My name is Laura and I'm so glad that you're here to learn about my favourite craft! I hope you learned something new. If you'd like to request a topic or technique for me to go over in a post, please let me know! You can email me at

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