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finding joy through finding relief

I want to share this idea with you, with the preface that it was not originally my idea. I initially heard this from Teal Swan. Someone asked her something along the lines of: "You've said that people should follow their joy to find their purpose, but what if you're not clear on what brings you joy?" She answered, "If you're not clear on what brings you joy, work with relief."

I have always found it hard to put into words why I love creating so much. Love maybe isn't even specific enough a word - of course I love it, but I am drawn to it. I am unable to live a life without it. And I am sure a lot of you feel the same way about being creative, whether it is a job, hobby, or combination.

So for me, growing up with childhood trauma, extreme anxiety, general depression, OCD, and now chronic illnesses, it has sometimes been hard to find what brings me joy. There is a combination of a lack of access to my emotions and just the horrid busyness of my mind (which my new meds are helping a lot with!!).

When I put this together with the fact that crafting is so meditative, I realized that's really what I feel when I am creating:


Quiet focus.

A sense of self that is usually covered by the noise.

If your comfort zone is discomfort, I definitely recommend thinking about what brings you relief. It really is one step closer to joy. And, if you haven't found something or are interested in trying crafting as a way to bring yourself relief, check out my shop and use the code "mentalhealth" for 10% off :)

Mental health is hard, and you're not alone. Keep going & keep growing.

Laura xo

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