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Supplies you need to start learning embroidery

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Hi! My name is Laura and I'm so happy that you're here to learn what you need to start learning embroidery. My goal is to give you a place that you can always come to reference, connect, and learn! Today I'm sharing all of the basic supplies that I use for each hoop I make.

What materials do I need?

The basic materials that every embroiderer needs are: fabric, thread, a needle, and a hoop. Bobbins are extra, but they're a huge bonus for organization.


Something that's great about embroidery is that you can use just about any fabric for it. The fabric that I use most often is the white cotton from Michael's. It's nice and thin and the "grid" of the fabric is relatively easy to see. If you're just looking to experiment and play around, you could cut up and old t-shirt or curtain! You can use your own pattern, or if you'd like one of mine, you can find them under "digital patterns" on my website or on Etsy.


I use DMC thread, although there are lots of other brands out there. DMC has a wonderful sheen to the thread, they have an amazing range of colours, and there are suppliers everywhere. If I need to scope out colour combos, I usually buy from Michael's, but you can also buy online. or are both great resources for DMC thread online.

Hint: if you hear anyone referring to "floss" in embroidery, it just means thread!


Once again, DMC and Michael's come through for embroidery. I'm sure there are lots of other places to buy needles, but these are great and I've never had an issue with sharpness or anything like that (and you can also buy the curved ones that I use here). These are actually the same needles that I include in my kits, and they will last you a long time! I think you can also find these same ones on Amazon.


You can find embroidery hoops at Michael's or likely a similar craft store. You can also buy these online - although be wary of quality on Amazon. The best place that I've found so far is This is where all my personal and kit hoops come from! You may have noticed that my hoops are usually stained - this doesn't need to be a lot of effort. You can find stain touch up markers at most hardware stores!


These are great for organizing your thread during and after a project. You can buy these from DMC at either Michael's or online. Or, if you need 2500 of them like I do, there's a great deal on Amazon! Just write the number of the thread on the top in sharpie and wrap your left over thread around the bobbin. You can also buy storage boxes for these, to keep everything all together.

Thanks for your interest in embroidery! I hope this helped you with some information to get you started. If you'd like to purchase all of these items together, you're welcome to buy one of my beginner embroidery kits! They not only include all of these items, but they also include a pattern and my instructions on how to stitch it.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an email at Happy Stitching!!

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