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how to make a perfect wagon wheel rose

Hi friends! I've been getting a lot of questions lately about Wagon Wheel Roses and how I do them. So I'm going to show you how and give you my favourite tips and tricks. I've also uploaded a video tutorial on Instagram (@through.rain.or.shine).

If you have questions or are confused by anything, send me an email at I'm happy to help!


Basic Technique:

To make a Wagon Wheel Rose, start by stitching a five point star. Poke the needle up into one of the corners of the star, then weave the needle over the first line, under the second, and so on. Weave your way around the circle as the rose builds up. When you're finished, just poke the needle through under the edge of the rose and tie if off at the back.

Tips for the perfect rose:

1. Let the petals form themselves! If you pull the thread taught every time you pull it through, you will end up with a very round rose and the petals will be less distinct. This is good for a more closed rose, but if you'd like distinct petals, don't pull the thread as tight so that the petals can sit against each other nicely with a little space between them.

2. Think about how a real rose's petals behave. They are closer together in the center and get more flowy and open as you get to the outer leaves. This is why I do pull the thread a little tighter for the inner petals and get looser with it as I go around!

3. I see so many people end their rose just a little too soon! If you end your rose with the edges of the star poking out it seems a little unfinished. Don't worry - you can still do a few rounds of weaving after you can't see the star anymore! Doing these few extra rounds really gives your rose a full, round look.


Looking to switch things up a little? Try experimenting with different amounts of thread. The fewer strands you use, the rounder your rose will become, and the more strands you use the more distinct the petals will become. You can also try using two colours at once for some layering.


photo by Fiona Chiu Photography

My name is Laura and I'm so glad that you're here to learn about my favourite craft! I hope you learned something new. If you'd like to request a topic or technique for me to go over in a post, please let me know! You can email me at Happy Stitching!!

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