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3 ways to embroider leaves

Hello! Today I'm going to show you 3 methods I use to embroider leaves: satin stitch, fishbone stitch, and my own combination of stem stitch and satin stitch. I've uploaded some videos of these stitches on Instagram as well (@through.rain.or.shine).

If you have questions or are confused by anything, send me an email at I'm happy to help!


Satin Stitch Leaf:

Satin stitch is essentially just laying down the thread back and forth to cover the surface area of the leaf. Start in the middle and stitch from the bottom to the top of the leaf. Lay your next stitch beside it, following the line of your leaf. Keep laying stitches side by side until your leaf is complete!


Fishbone Stitch Leaf:

This stitch gives great texture and detail to a leaf just from the pattern of it. To start, stitch one line about halfway down the center of the leaf. Poke the needle up beside the top stitch on the right like you would with satin stitch, but this time cross over to the opposite outer edge of the leaf. For your next stitch, poke up on the left this time and cross down over to the right. Move your way down the leaf in this overlapping pattern until you've covered it!


Stem/Satin Stitch Leaf:

This is the most common style of leaf that I stitch. I like how the stem stitch rounds out the leaf and satin stitch fills it in nicely. Plus it's pretty simple once you know the stitches! Start by outlining the leaf with stem stitch (if you need a refresher, check my last blog post!) and then fill in the inside of it with satin stitch.


photo by Fiona Chiu Photography

My name is Laura and I'm so glad that you're here to learn about my favourite craft! I hope you learned something new. If you'd like to request a topic or technique for me to go over in a post, please let me know! You can email me at Happy Stitching!!

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