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Ready to start stitching? First we'll start with one hoop to learn back stitch, split stitch, and stem stitch - then on the other hoop you'll learn satin stitch and French knots. I'll also show you variations for both. Then we'll go over how to finish your hoops in 2 different ways - so you can easily choose your preferences!

Supplies needed: two prepped hoops from the last video, straight needle (~size 5), thread in at least 2 colours (I used 950, 3033, 632, 834, 844), glue (optional)


Thank you so much for spending your time and energy with me learning embroidery! I hope you've enjoyed yourself and felt what embroidery is all about. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Resources listed in the videos:

Canada hoops/United States hoops

DMC needles - size 5

Curved needles

Loops & Threads floor stand (here's an

almost identical one available online)


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