*please note that your portrait may or may not be started when you initially order it. I will send you timeline updates, but if you would like more info about current wait times, please send me a custom request.


keep your lovely pets' memory alive for years to come with a realistic embroidered portrait. thank you for letting me stitch your sweet friends!


this also does not specifically have to be a pet - if you would like a realistic stitched portrait of a horse, lion, parrot, sloth, or anything else, I would love to create it!


Takes 4-8 weeks.


(subject to change)

5" - $510 CAD
6" - $610 CAD
7" - $710 CAD
8" - $810 CAD
9" - $910 CAD
10" - $1010 CAD

Please contact for double portraits.

pet portrait // thread painting // custom embroidered art