C U S T O M   B O U Q U E T S   &   P R I C I N G

This is for you married people out there. I want to help you memorialize your wedding bouquet in a permanent piece of art that you can keep forever. It doesn't matter when you got married - if you have a photo, I'd love to embroider your bouquet!


I will, however, be accepting a limited amount of these commissions at a time as they are very time consuming.

Five slots will open every two-three months.

I currently have 3 slots available! If you'd like me to embroider your bouquet, please send me an email at laura@throughrainorshine.ca


5" hoop ------------------- $150.00

6" hoop --------------------$190.00

7" hoop --------------------$230.00

8" hoop --------------------$270.00

9" hoop --------------------$310.00

10" hoop -------------------$350.00