what is the best way to access TROS craft classes?

I am so excited to be sharing the first of my Through Rain or Shine Craft Classes with you!! So far, you can access plant shelf, summer florals, and now mosaic tile earrings. I'll be releasing 2-3 craft classes per month going forward. they are 20min-1h classes that give you the knowledge and skills to create my projects right alongside me with my firsthand guidance. I love sharing these projects and I can't wait to create more with you! there are three options for accessing these classes: patreon, skillshare, and my website. but which option is best for you?

patreon //

$7.50/month CAD

lifetime access! patreon has by far the best value if you'd like access to all of my craft classes hosted through my website at an incredible discount as well as bonus discounts not found anywhere else. another bonus to patreon is that you are supporting me more directly.

skillshare //

$17.99-$40.00/month CAD

skillshare absolutely has the best value for you if you are interested in classes by other artists and creators out there. skillshare has a little bit of everything! you can even get a month free by signing up with my referral link. //


lifetime access! if you're interested in a single craft class or would like to try one out before committing to a subscription, you can always purchase craft classes individually at take a look at plant shelf, summer florals, and the new mosaic earrings.


I hope this can help you choose which option is right for you, your crafting needs, and your budget. I love helping to make crafting more accessible for everyone!! happy crafting.


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