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This series is about taking the time for yourself to slow down and create. You’re stressed, you work hard, you give to those around you.


I know adding something to the mix sounds kind of counter productive - but I’ve been learning a lot about intentional rest in this season of my life.


When you let chaos absorb and overwhelm you, it's easy to spiral until you’re not doing anything. Even the things you manage to do will be done with overwhelm and desperation instead of passion and purpose.


When you’re able to rest intentionally and create those safe, meditative spaces and times, you’ll be calmer, happier, and function better in your everyday life.


Welcome to the Create Calm Embroidery Series.

This is a 3 part beginner embroidery series with a focus on creating the way you want to create. I want you to feel calm and joy making beautiful things! I've split everything up into 3 videos so you can move at your own pace.


Video 1

This is the shortest video in the series. You'll learn all about the supplies needed for embroidery and where you can get them. I'll teach you how to set up and transfer your design to fabric - we'll transfer two patterns for you to stitch in the next video.


Video 2

In this video we'll start learning stitches! On one hoop I'll show you how I do back stitch, split stitch, and stem stitch; on the other hoop I'll show you satin stitch and French knots, as well as variations for each stitch. I'll take you through how to back your hoops in two different ways so you can choose your preference.

Video 3

This is where you really get to start taking some creative control! I'll be helping you design your own pattern using special templates designed just for this course. You'll be getting 5 floral and 1 lettering template - each in 3 different sizes!

This video combines learning wagon wheel rose and daisy stitch with the skills you've already learned to make patterns in your own design.

Through this course you'll also have lifetime access to the video series page on my website where you'll be able to get the videos, patterns, info, and resources. I'm also happy to personally help with any questions or issues.


Let's bring some calm to your creative!

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